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Appreciating High Achievement

A myth in the running community is that the title "high achiever" is reserved only for the fastest runners. How often is it that a runner will that show up everyday, put in an elite level of effort, and dominate their competitors just to be neglected by coaches that are obsessed with their faster runners? Evidence of this mentality appears every time that a new athlete applies to join our team; they generally want to know if their times are fast enough to be accepted. Real recognizes real, so we could not care less about whether a person runs a 14 minute 5k or a 20 minute 5k, effort is what matters. We love and appreciate each of our track runners for who they are individually, not for what they can do to validate our egos. We’d rather build a team of consistent athletes from scratch than to have fast people that refuse to grow. With quality coaching it’s inevitable that a team of traditionally under-appreciated high-achievers types will eventually produce an elite talent. Let's make the effort to pay more attention to the under-appreciated high achievers in our lives this week. They patiently do the the work and don’t complain. With a little bit of love they will become your best asset

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