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The Paradox of the 800m Long Sprinter

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

There is a class of sprinters whose needs generally go unmet. They are wanted by sprint and distance coaches because they have potential in both disciplines. They don’t quite have the turnover to win in the short sprints, but will come out on top during every long sprint workout. They handle the distance races well also, but tend to die out early during practices. Failing everyday but racing well would cause anyone to question whether or not they would be better at something else. For that reason they dream about sprinting, but are cursed with depressingly slow legs. Success in running is often a distant dream because there’s no place them in the sport. This is why we offer both sprint and distance based 800m programs. Some 800m runners are truly sprinters and need high quality training in both sprints and distance in order to be their best. Too much emphasis on either would diminish their abilities as an athlete.

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